Considering getting a motorcycle? Below is a list of things to think about before getting on the open road. Learn what some of the top causes of motorcycle accidents are.

Training Courses
Many people learn how to ride a motorcycle in an empty parking lot. However, all new riders should really consider taking a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. Learning from a professional will turn you on to skills that you may not be able to absorb from your average Joe teacher. Ultimately, you will be a better rider with more knowledge and skills if you learn from an MSF instructor.

Safety Gear
Riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous hobby, especially for new riders. It is very important that you do everything you can to protect yourself from injury by wearing the proper safety attire. When determining your budget for a new bike, it is important to note that the cost of new motorcycle safety gear can be quite expensive.

Evaluating Bike Options
There are many different styles of motorcycles. Make sure you are absolutely certain that you are selecting the right bike for your needs before purchasing. Consider renting a bike you are interested in before committing to buying.

Take it Slow
Any new rider should learn and ride at a slow pace. Learning how to ride a motorcycle is a skill and doing it wrong can be deadly.

Familiarize Yourself with the Rules of the Road
Motorcycles must follow different traffic laws than cars. You should visit your state's Department of Motor Vehicles and download an online manual for motorcyclists and educate yourself with the motorcycle riding laws.

Become Licensed
If you are going to be riding on the public roads, get licensed. As soon as you have concluded taking your MSF course and have learned the basics, set-up an appointment at your local DMV office and take the motorcycle road test.

Tips for Being a Smart, Safe Rider
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