Motorcycle accidents are typically much more tragic and deadly than automobiles crashes. Serious bodily injury and death are the most common end results of severe motorcycle accidents. Statistics show that only one out of four riders involved in any sort of motorcycle accident are lucky enough to walk away unharmed. The same freedom riders enjoy while on the open road also equates to a very vulnerable situation.

There are a several common reasons for motorcycle accidents. The most common and evidently the major cause, is the result of other motorists simply not being able to see motorcycles in heavy traffic. There are many reports that support this claim and indicate that more than three fourths of all accidents that involve a motorcycle and another vehicle are a direct consequence of a driver turning their car into the lane of a motorcycle and infringing on the motorcyclist’s right of way. It is important to note that studies also have proven that motorcyclists are 30 times more probable to die in a crash than are passengers in any other type of motor vehicle and are also 10 times more likely to sustain some sort of major injury. Bottom line, riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. But there are things one can do to ensure a safe ride including taking riding safety lessons, learning motorcycle hand signals and how to drive in traffic.

More Causes of Motorcycle Crashes
There are so many different causes of motorcycle accidents that occur quite regularly. Inexperienced drivers that do not understand the limitations of their machines is a major one. New drivers will typically push their bikes to the limit, which equates to driving too fast. Of course speeding is not isolated to young or new drivers. Older drivers are also at fault for operating their bikes beyond the legal speed limits.

Most motorcycle riders ride because they love the freedom of being on the open road. However, the freedom of going fast at a measly few inches from the street can have deadly results. A little slip of the wheel or unanticipated obstacle can send a driver spinning out of control. Bottom line, speeding is very dangerous and a major cause of motorcycle accidents.

Negligence is another frequent cause of motorcycle accidents. In situations where there is not another vehicle involved in the accident, the neglect of the motorcyclist to slow down when cornering or merely under-cornering as well as over braking in some instances are common accident causes. There are many additional agents that could cause bodily harm after the initial accident also. Fuel leakage and spills in the post-crash phase can introduce a fire hazard and are common in approximately 60 percent of all accidents sites.

If you follow the motorcycle riding laws, you increase your probability of being safe.

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