The Motorcycle Loan Center offers affordable bike financing programs for individuals of all credit types, including bad credit and no credit.

We understand that people often make mistakes when it comes to handling their credit wisely. Giving consumers with a negative credit history a second chance is our specialty. We look at each applicant individually, taking current positive credit practices into account.

Common factors that may influence approval include what state you live in, whether you are a homeowner or a renter, what your credit score is, your debt to income relation, whether or not you have filed bankruptcy, etc.. We invite you to contact us before applying so that we can review your basic information and history and help you decide if applying for a motorcycle loan is the right choice for you.

Requirements that every applicant must meet:
Employment - You must be currently employed in order to be considered for a motorcycle loan.
18 Years Old - Minimum age for financing approval is eighteen.

Additional possible criteria that may have to be met:
Employment History - You may have to be employed by the same employer for a certain duration of time.
Personal Reference - If you have less than perfect credit, you may be required to provide personal references.
Bank Account - You may be required to have either a checking and/or a savings account.

You may be obligated to satisfy more requirements than the ones presented on this page. Each applicant and their credit histories are unique. Therefore, what is considered positive or negative for one person, may not be for another.

**We now provide loans to people in the military.

Having Bad Credit
We do work with people with bad credit. However, we can not assist those with active bankruptcies. We discourage applying if this applies to you. Applying for a motorcycle loan with an active bankruptcy will definitely not result in an approval but will further damage your credit. Feel free to contact us before submitting a request for financing if you are not sure if your credit is good enough for approval.

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