Are you in the market for buying a new or used motorcycle? Are you looking to obtain financing for your bike purchase? Let us assist you! The Motorcycle Loan Center, Inc. has been helping consumers of all credit types achieve approval for low rate motorcycle loans since 2000. Reasonably priced programs are offered for purchases from bike dealers as well as from rivate party sellers (person-to-person, friends, relatives). We also provide loans for custom bikes and custom choppers!

Quick and Hassle-Free Motorcycle Loan Programs!
Our applications for online motorcycle loans are free, 100% secure and only take a few minutes to complete. The instant you submit your application, your loan request begins to process, with one of our lenders making contact with you within few minutes to an hour, with the ability of generating an instant approval. As soon as contact is established, and approval is accomplished, the terms and rates for your motorcycle loan are completed and a custom finance package is created specific for your needs, while staying within your budget.

Getting Your Cash is Easy!
Applicants have the option of receiving their funds via direct deposit into their bank account, or they can choose to have a check delivered to them in the mail via overnight delivery! It is possible for those that choose the 'direct deposit' option to receive their money the same day they apply for a motorcycle loan. That's can be on the road in less than 24 hours!

Bad Credit? No Credit? Slow Credit? GET APPROVED!
We can help you get approved for new or used motorcycle loans even if you have ever experienced bad credit issues like bankruptcies, collections, repossessions, foreclosure, judgments, slow pay, and/or liens. We can even assist consumers with high-risk issues like no credit or slow credit achieve bike financing. We will help get you on the open road when others can't!

Current Interest Rates


24-47 months

47-72 months
New 8.35% 9.25%
Used (dealer) 9.50% 10.30%
Used (non-dealer) 10.14% 11.10%
*Higher rates may apply for poor credit
Use the calculator to determine what you can afford.

Your Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority!
It is important to us that your experience is enjoyable, from start to finish. We invite every applicant to contact us before applying for motorcycle loans with bad credit or no credit with concerns/questions about whether or not approval is likely and/or how our service works. The Motorcycle Loan Center has experienced professionals that will supply you with swift answers to all of your questions and will review your credit history to confirm that applying for a motorcycle loan is a sensible choice for you at this time.

Learn More About the Motorcycle Loan Process Before You Apply!
The Motorcycle Loan Center offers consumers important information that will help get finances in order and will also help in making sensible decisions when buying a motorcycle with bad credit, good credit or no credit. Shop with self-confidence for your new or used bike!
Getting a Copy of Your Credit Report Before Applying for Motorcycle Financing
How Credit Scores Effect Your Loan
Selecting a Motorcycle That Fits Within Your Budget
Used Motorcycle Loans - Buying a Used Bike - Classifieds
Info for First Time / Beginner Riders
New Motorcycle Loans - Buying a New Motorcycle
Choosing the Right Motorcycle Insurance - Owners of new bikes really should consider purchasing a gap insurance plan for protecting their investment.
Achieving Approval for Financing with Bad Credit
Understanding Interest Rates - Familiarize yourself with how rates are computed.
Prepaid Motorcycle Maintenance - Purchasing the right contract for your needs.

Tips On Being a Intelligent Rider!
It is important to us that our clients recognize what the motorcycle riding laws are so that they can be safe! The information on the pages below will educate you on how to be a smart motorcycle rider that also knows how to care for their bike. Even if you are an experienced rider that's been on the road for years, we recommend reading the pages below! You never may learn something new!
Safely Driving in Traffic
Advice for First Time Riders
Being and Staying Seen on the Open Road

The Motorcycle Loan Center takes pleasure in being able to offer consumer an extremely reliable and fast financing service! Credit programs are available in all 50 states including New York, California, Texas and Florida. We even provide loans for those in the military stationed overseas! We will get you on the open road! Submit a request for motorcycle loan today!

**Financing now available for touring bikes as well as all terrain vehicles (ATVs)!

You can also refinance a motorcycle loan with us!

When financing a bike, you should consider leaving a down payment of at least 15% to avoid becoming upside-down on your loan. More specifically, owing more for your bike than it is worth.


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