There is a wide variety of motorcycle clothing available nowadays. However, not all of the motorcycle clothing provides the necessary amount of protection. In Europe, in order for any type of motorcycle clothing to legally be sold as “safety" clothing, it has to pass a series of European standards. Typically, these standards cover the clothing's functionality in tearing, abrasion and impact tests. When these clothes pass these strict set of standards, they are sold with the CE mark. In the United States, there is no safety regulation tests for any of motorcycle clothing or gear. Detailed below is information that will help you choose safe clothing for wearing while riding your motorcycle.

It is a good idea if you examine the the safety check guide and how to keep your bike clean pages. First time riders should check out the guide for beginners.

Protecting the right areas of your body is the most important thing you can do when riding a motorcycle!
The most typical type of motorcycle injury occurs under the belt. Meaning, your feet and legs are the most susceptible areas of your body for injury to occur. Therefore, you need to wear a goof pair of high boots and protective pants. Not only should you look to buy pants that offer reinforcement at the hips and knees, they should be able to attach to your jacket with a zipper. Leather thick boots that have flexible sole with a resistance to crushing across the foot are your best bet for protection.

The most popular type of motorcycle clothing is leather. However, synthetic materials and thick nylon are equally efficient. Kevlar reinforced jeans are safer than standard blue jeans. The European standard abrasion test concluded that normal jeans last only 0.5 seconds, while protective motorcycle pants will last 5 seconds or more. Be smart and wear the reinforced pants! It is absolutely not necessary to rip your skin from your body with only half of a second of falling!

Same theory applies to jackets. Make sure the leather is the thick, hardwearing type and not fashion leather. Fashion leather offers no sort of protection at all. Also, stitching should be uniform with no dropped stitches, and all your “sharp bits”, meaning your elbows and shoulders, should be reinforced, preferably with some impact protection integrated.

Gloves should always be worn. If you ever get into an accident, you will likely instinctively extend your hands out to try and break your fall. Therefore, the palms of your gloves should be reinforced with thick patches of either Knitted Kevlar or reinforced leather.

Buying impact protection, like back protectors and so on, is also recommend. If you do impact protection gear, make sure you wear it! If you are worried you won't wear the gear you buy, you should look to purchase jacket and pants that have impact protection included. This way you know you it will be always be there and you will be protected 100% of the time!

Read carefully! Buying a helmet is the most important piece of protective gear you need to buy! Even though you do have a greater chance of injuring yourself below the waist, the results of an accident without a helmet can be fatal! View a map of the country's motorcycle helmet laws.

In conclusion...when in the market for motorcycle gear, place close attention to what kind of protection is going to be offered. Fashion should come second!

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