The number of women getting on the open road has been increasing tremendously. They are enjoying the amazing thrill and sense of freedom associated with motorcycle riding.

Gone are the days where learning how to ride a motorcycle was limited to men only. It is important to note that women do face varying challenges when selecting a suitable motorcycle to buy. Most manufacturers design bikes that are fitting for riders who are approximately 5'10" tall. This is typically very tall for a female. Female riders are going to need a motorcycle that has a lower seat height. In addition, they should also look to purchase a seat that is more narrow, so that they riders can easily touch the ground with both feet. Learn more about choosing the right  motorcycle.

However, buying a seat with a low height is just one of several features that need to be need to considered by females when buying a motorcycle. The handlebars and hand controls need to be easy to grab. Foot control also need to be comfortable while riding. The front brake and clutch need to be adjustable so that they can accommodate a woman's smaller hands. With regards to a female's physique, they have a lower center of gravity and less muscle strength in their upper bodies. Minimal, muscular power is not needed when riding a bike, however some bikes are more difficult to handle than others. 

It may be difficult to find a bike that is built with all of the features you need, with the proper fittings. But, you can always purchase a lower, more narrow seat. Or, you can lower your rear suspension or extend the handlebars so that the motorcycle is a better fit for you. These alterations will likely cost you a significant amount of money. However, if you are serious about getting on the open road, these are things that you may have to do to ensure your comfort and safety.

Wearing the proper safety gear is also very important. No matter how experienced of a rider you are, safety comes first! Motorcycles are dangerous. Even a small crash can have long-term, even fatal effects when the safety gear is not worn. Learn some more riding safety tips.

There are a wide variety of sources that provide motorcycle lessons for women that are first time riders. These courses are great because not only will you learn from a seasoned professional, you will be provided with a motorcycle and helmet to use. You are likely going to have some spills when first learning. Better to crash on the class' bike, and not one you invested your hard earned money into.

If planning on riding in a group, make sure you review the motorcycle hand signal guide.

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