The tires of your motorcycle are an extremely important part of your bike. There are a wide variety of different types and models of motorcycle tires. Bike owners need to decide what type of tire to buy based on the specifics of their motorcycle.

Mileage or Traction?
When selecting a tire, think about what you are going to need most out of the tire: mileage or traction. You will get better traction from sifter rubber tires. However these types of tires do not last long. On the contrary, you will get better mileage, but not good traction, from firmer, rubber compound tires.

Age as a Factor
Age is the most significant factor when determining if its time to purchase a new set of tires. Over time, rubber gets hard, resulting in the traction of the tire diminishing. So, no matter if your bike has not been rode for years and has been resting in your garage, you will likely have to trash the tires and purchase new ones.

If you are looking to get the best performance out of your bike, its always a good idea to buy fresher tires. If you would like your tires to last longer, then age of the tire is less important. However, motorcycle tires that are greater than seven or eight years of age, are pretty much of no use. Therefore, when in the market for new tires, its important to find out the date of manufacture of the tire.

Purchasing Motorcycle Tires Online
Many consumers believe that they will save a few bucks by buying their tires online. In most instances, this is not true. In fact, people wind up paying more when buying tires online. When you visit the local motorcycle tire place to pick up your tires, you will likely have to pay the hourly shop rate for mounting them. In addition, most shop owners will not honor the manufacturer's warranty for your tires.

Types of Tire Warranties
There are typically two types of tire warranties: a store brought warranty and a manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers will either warranty all of their tires, or only specific models. Finding out if the model you are interested in is going to be covered prior to purchasing is a good idea. In addition, learn how much tread wear is covered before the warranty is void.

Air Pressure
One of the most impacting factors of maintaining the life of your tires is air. When it is dry out, having more air pressure is optimal and less when its wet out. Typically, air pressure is going to vary from tire to tire and bike to bike. A good idea would be to ask around, or even visit a motorcycle forum, to find out what the pressure should be for your motorcycle tires.

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