If you anticipate that your bike is going to be sitting around for longer than a month, there are preventative maintenance actions you can take to help protect your bike from deterioration. This will help your bike maintain its value so when it comes to sell, you get the best price.

Clean the motorcycle
Never miscalculate the impact that grime, dirt and grease can have on a bike. A clean, polished motorcycle will withstand the elements of storage better than one that is not taken care of. Also, consider investing in a good motorcycle cover. Learn more about cleaning motorcycles.

Drain the fuel tank, fuel lines, and carburetor float bowl(s)
Gas is extremely corrosive and will destroy your fuel system if left sitting around. If for any reason you must leave gas in your tank for an extended period of time, make sure that you use a fuel stabilizer.

If your bike has a metal gas tank, remove the empty tank and dispense a cup of engine oil into the tank. Turn the tank over to ensure that you thoroughly coat all inner surfaces and drain off all extra oil. Once you are done, reinstall the tank.

Take the spark plugs off
Pour around one tablespoon of engine oil into the spark plugs' holes. Once this is done, reinstall the spark plugs. With the ignition off, kick the engine over several times to be certain that all of your cylinder walls are coated with oil.

Remove the drive chain
Use a solvent to clean the chain thoroughly. Also, use chain lubricant to lubricate the chain. Either store the chain in a plastic bag or container, or reinstall the chain.

Lubricate all pivot points and control cables
Make sure you hit every nook and cranny.

Take the battery out and place it on a trickle charger
Make sure you store your battery in dry, cool area. Never store your battery in a place that is excessively cold or hot.

Raise both wheel off the ground by blocking up your bike
Use your center stand if you have one.

Take enough air out of your tires so that only 15psi is left

Tie a plastic bag over the exhaust pipe outlet(s)
Doing so will help prevent moisture from entering your exhaust. A good idea would be to buy an exhaust plug available at any motorcycle dealership. You can try the Motorcycle Superstore for exhaust plugs.

Coat your bike with oil if...
If your bike is going to be stored in salt-air or humid atmosphere coat your bike with oil. Never apply oil to any rubber parts or your seat cover.

It is very important that you kick your bike's engine over, with the ignition off, several times every 15 20 days. This will redistribute oil to all moving parts. If you bike does not have a kick starter try turning the rear wheel with the bike in gear.

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