Buying a motorcycle is an investment. Therefore, you want to do what you can to make sure that your investment is protected. That means purchasing some sort of theft protection and/or lojack.

You may ask yourself, 'Is buying a device for deterring theft really that essential if I am buying theft protection insurance?'. You will need to analyze what is covered by each of these products and what type of theft insurance coverage you have (if you even have one).

Theft Deterrents
In the event that your bike is stolen, and you have a theft deterrent or etching, police will be able to identify your bike by the data dots and/or warning labels which are placed on your motorcycle.

When these labels are removed from your bike by a thief, adhesive marks are left behind that are smaller than a grain of sand and can only be seen by a black light. This assists in the identification of your bike by police and can not even be seen by the naked eye (thieves don't know its even present).

The advantage of utilizing a theft deterrent is that if your bike is stolen, and not recovered within 30 days, you will have financial protection that allows you to replace your bike.

For example, you may receive 4 years of product protection if your motorcycle is ever stolen and reimbursement up to $7500 if the police are unable to recover it in 30 days. This benefit is usually good towards the purchase of a new motorcycle or settling the motorcycle loan associated with the stolen bike.

Lo Jack is an advanced theft deterrent product that utilizes radio signals to aid police in locating your bike after it is stolen. This security system works amazing. In fact, LoJack guarantees that they will recover your motorcycle within 24 hours! As a result of the high-end technology they use and its efficiency, it costs more than typical theft deterrent products.

When deciding if LoJack is your most sensible option, you need to analyze your motorcycle insurance coverage to see how it protects you when a theft occurs as well as what the likelihood of your bike getting stolen is. In the event that you have full theft coverage on your policy, getting any sort of theft deterrent is not needed.

It is important to remember though that you will only get the NADA value of your motorcycle from your insurance carrier. Unless you have GAP insurance, are not going to get paid full the value of your loan if you utilized motorcycle financing for your purchase.

All together, taking into account the rate at which your motorcycle is going to depreciate over time and how this relates to the rate you will pay down your loan is a extremely crucial in determining if a theft deterrent is a smart decision monetarily.

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