There are thousands of dealers in the United States that provide excellent deals on pre-owned motorcycles.
Another choice consumers in the market for used bikes have is to go to a seized motorcycle auction event and bid on a motorcycle that you like.

An auction is a really good source for finding inexpensive bikes. If you have knowledge on motorcycles and how the bidding process works, you can find yourself cruising on the open road in no time!

**You can use the cash you receive from your motorcycle loan for buying a bike at an auction!

Why are motorcycles sold at auction so cheap?
Typically, bikes sold at auction were seized by the Government from people that were involved in illegal activities. Being that the Government has not paid anything for these bikes, they are able to sell them for a very low price. The Government would like to 'move' these bikes as fast as they can because storing them is going to be more expensive in the long-run. Also, a bike's value depreciates rather quickly as time progresses.

You need to be careful when buying at an auction!
It is important that before you place a bid on any bike that you thoroughly inspect it. Therefore, it is important that you have knowledge of motorcycles and how they work. If you don't, bring someone that does. If you don't know anyone, go to a local dealer and speak to some in the service department. Offer to throw them a few bucks for them to come down and help you determine whether or not bikes are worth bidding on and what a motorcycle's value is. This will allow you to establish a maximum bid for yourself so that you avoid paying more than the unit is worth.

Avoid getting involved in a bidding war!
Don't let your emotions get the best of you! You will only end up paying much more for a bike than it is worth! You need set maximum price you are willing to pay. Don't forget that the purpose of you going to an auction is to find a good deal on a great bike...not an OK deal for a decent motorcycle.

Other things to avoid when at auction....
It is important to understand the phrases involved. They may not seem important but are crucial when it comes to filing claims of refund, warranty and misrepresentation of the merchandise.

For example, "As Is" is a great defense for any claims. Most motorcycles in a seized motorcycle auction are going to be sold "As is" with only a 30 day warranty for any parts of the bike. It is also common for sellers to amplify and promise various things during an auction. You will need every 'promise' in writing. Otherwise you will not be able to prove anything in the even you need to go to court as a result of the item not being as described.

Using your instincts...
You are going to have to greatly rely on instincts when buying a seized motorcycle from an auction. If you have any sort of inclination that there is something wrong with a bike you are interested in, don't buy it! There are enough motorcycles where you can wait until you find that is 100% perfect, for the right price!

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