When buying a new bike from a dealer, it is probable that a prepaid maintenance contract is going to be presented to you. All regular recommended maintenances services detailed in your owners manual are going to be covered by a prepaid maintenance contract. Featured below are some general tips and rules to abide by that will help you determine whether a prepaid motorcycle maintenance contract is needed.

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-- Most likely, you will be obligated to use your maintenance contract at the dealership where the motorcycle was purchased from. Therefore, it is important that you determine whether you are going to be able to conveniently bring your bike in for service at the specific dealer you purchased from. Having to travel far just to get your bike serviced is going to be a pain.

-- In the event that you decide to cancel your contract, you need to determine beforehand if unused benefits can be refunded. It is probable that once you purchase a maintenance contract, that you will not be able to receive any money back. Therefore, it is crucial that you analyze exactly what your needs are going to be so that you do not purchase coverage that is not going to be used.

 -- All new motorcycles will come with a standard manufacturer's warranty. You need to determine what is going to be covered by the manufacturers warranty and what is being offered by the prepaid maintenance contract. You don't want to buy a maintenance contract that offers the same coverage as the manufacture's warranty.

-- What sort of coverage time frame can you expect with your prepaid maintenance contract? For example, if you are buying a new bike, you definitely do not want to purchase a contract that is good for only two or three years. New bikes don't call for any maintenance that is covered by a prepaid contract. If you are buying a new bike, consider purchasing a contract that is good for a minimum of 4-7 years.

 -- How long do you anticipate owning your bike? If you purchase a 5 year prepaid maintenance contract, but expect to sell you bike after three years, will you be able to transfer the contract to the new owner? If it non-transferable, do not buy the contract.

Do your homework and make sure that you know what you want before you even step foot in a a motorcycle dealership. You definitely do not want to be pressured into purchasing something that you will have no use for.

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