The rates you receive for motorcycle insurance are going to depend on several key factors. Listed below is information that will help educate you on how the motorcycle insurance companies are going to view you, what you can do ensure a positive rating and the lowest rates possible. 

When in the market for insurance, deciding whether you are going need theft protection is important. Learn more about preventing your motorcycle from being stolen.

How insurance companies rate you:
Type of Bike
- Insurance for a flashy, new bike is going to cost more than an older, basic motorcycle. **If you are buying a new motorcycle, you should consider purchasing gap insurance.

How Old Your Are - As with car insurance, the older you are, the cheaper your premium is going to be. However, if you are a new rider, you are likely going to be placed in a higher risk category until some riding experience is obtained no matter what your age is.

Where You Live - Insurance rates for those that live in low-traffic areas, like the country, are going to be less than someone that lives in a busy city.

Your Driving History - Every type of accident you have ever been involved in will influence your rates. This includes car, boat, snowmobile and any other type of man driven machinery accident.

Employment - If you work at a construction site, and you use your bike to get to and from work, you are going to have to pay more than someone that parks there bike in an office building garage.

Getting the best deal for your motorcycle insurance:
Compare Plans -  Dedicate as much time as you can shopping around for different policies. Call as many companies as you can to receive free, instant, no obligation quotes.

Securing Your Bike - Make sure you take good care of your motorcycle. This means keeping it in a garage whenever you can, locked-up and alarmed. This will help you get some discounts on your motorcycle insurance plan.

How Often You Ride - You will pay less for your motorcycle insurance if you only use your bike for leisure, during the summer months, than someone that uses their motorcycle as their primary source of transportation.

Motorcycle Safety/Training - Taking a certified DMV or other type of motorcycle safety class should help lower your rates. It is important that you always keep the certificates you receive upon class completion so that you can verify your enrollment with your motorcycle insurance company.

In conclusion, there is never any reason to pay more for motorcycle insurance when a different company is offering a lower rate. You will get the same amount of money for your bike if you are involved in an accident regardless of who you are insured by. By taking the time to educate yourself on how the insurance companies view policy holders, your motorcycle, and your riding habits, you can learn how to save money, eligible discounts and get the cheapest rates possible for an excellent policy.


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