Below are some examples on how to successfully sell your motorcycle. It is also important that you make your bike ready for selling.

Flyers and Signs
One of the easiest things to do is to place a 'For Sale' sign on your bike. You can pick one up from a local hardware store. Try parking your bike near some high traffic spots (like at the mall) to get maximum exposure.

Another good idea would be to create a custom 'For Sale Sign' where buyers can tear off your phone number. Hang it at your local grocery, college, or any other high traffic shopping area.

Use an Online Service
There are a variety of websites where you can sell your bike online, like MotoSeller or EbayMotors. These sources are fairly inexpensive to use and open you up to an national market. In today's seller's market, it is a must to utilize the Internet for selling your bike. You can list your bike in our used bike classifieds sections.

**Make sure you take a good, clear picture of your bike for your online ad. A good photograph will help increase response by over 200%. More online motorcycle selling tips.

Determining Your Asking Price
Its natural that you are going to want to get as much money as you can for your bike. But, is that price realistic? Determine what your motorcycle is really worth by visiting KBB. Check out what others are asking for online for similar makes and models of bikes.

Indicating in any ad that your asking price is OBO (or best offer) will help convince potential buyers to contact you if your price is within their budget. You want to get the buyer in the door first. Then you can justify your price and negotiate the sale.

Learn what you can do to help ensure that you get the best price for your bike.

Disclose Vehicle History
Get a history of your motorcycle at CycleChex. Proving to your buyers that there is nothing to hide will establish a comfort zone.

Strong Presentation
Making sure your bike is in it best possible condition is important. Remember, first impressions are everything. Wash your motorcycle and give it a good waxing. If you are planning on not riding your bike while selling, prepare it for storage.

Extended Advertising
People still look at newspapers when in the market for a used bike. In addition there are many online classifieds like CraigsList where you can place either a free ad, or an inexpensive one.

Showing Your Bike
No matter what online or offline route/s you take, you are going to need to show your motorcycle to any potential buyer. Always meet in at a public location and have a friend come with you. You want to be safe.

Always be straight-up with your buyer in regards to any repair or problems that you have experienced. Provide maintenance records as well as a CycleChex motorcycle history report. In the event that you buyer wants to take the bike for a test drive, make sure that they have proof of insurance as well as a valid motorcycle license. It is also important that you dress respectfully for your meeting. If you dress in a manner where it appears as though you do not take care of yourself, you will create the impression that you do not take care of your bike either.

Sealing the Deal
Create a receipt for both you and your buyer. Make sure you include that the motorcycle is purchased 'as is'. Include all relevant information so that the terms of the deal can't be misunderstood by anyone reading it. Make sure you keep the receipt for your records. Doing so will confirm the date of sale and help protect you from any future liability.

Use a third party escrow service, like, for your sale. Or, only accept a certified check or money. Only then sign the title over. Also, make sure you check with your state’s DMV to make certain that you have fulfilled all the laws.



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