Below are some tips on how you can prepare for and accomplish the sale of your motorcycle while getting the best price.

Clean and polish your bike
You obviously want to make your bike look as nice as possible. A clean and polished bike will be far more enviable to any potential buyer and equate to more money than one that is unclean and/or not polished. Learn more about cleaning your bike.

Make cosmetic repairs
Putting a few bucks in to make some minor repairs will go a long way. If a cover or panel has some scratches, a broken tail light, or a dented fender, get it fixed. The price to make the repair will most likely be less expensive than the deduction in price that you will have to incur as a result of the cosmetic damage.

Make sure your bike is tuned up and will start with ease
It is very likely that if you bike won't start, you will kill any potential sale instantly. No matter if your issue is a corroded battery connection or a dead battery, your sale will be over. Or, you will end up having a buyer that will hard-ball you into lowering your price.

Receipts for overhauls, repairs, etc.
It is always a good idea to keep your service records and repair receipts. Maybe you had the valves grounded or a major overhaul of the engine. Or, perhaps you had oversized pistons and a high performance cam put in. You want to be able to show your potential buyer proof of any work that you have done and what the cost of doing so was. The work you have done will likely have a strong bearing on what you can get the buyer to pay for your bike. Also, having service records will provide assurance that you have had regular oil changes and routine maintenance.

Always keep your original parts
In the event that you put after market accessories on your bike, make sure you keep all your original accessories cleaned and ready to go. It is very likely that the buyer will be interested in having them reinstalled.

Accurately represent condition
Almost every used bike has some sort of performance issue. It does not matter if you are selling the bike 'as is'. Honesty goes a long way and telling your buyer about mechanical defects and performance problems will help you avoid issues after the sale.

Always keep your registration current
Having your registration current can help speed up a sale in some states.

Know the value of your bike, establish the price and be ready to negotiate
It is important that you understand how much your bike is worth so that you do not accept too little. It also makes certain that you will not waste your time or any potential buyer's time. Visit the National Auto Dealers Association (N.A.D.A.). This site will provide you with the average wholesale and retail value of motorcycles of the same model, year, mileage and condition as yours. You will receive more than the average trade-in or wholesale value as a private seller. It is always better to establish your asking price more towards the higher range. Potential buyers will always expect to bargain. If you set your price too low, you have little room for negotiating.

Maximize your advertising
Include clear pictures in your print and online ads. Provide as detailed of a description as possible. Attract attention by highlighting or bold-typing specifics from your ad. Offer to provide the VIN to all potential buyers. This will enable any prospective buyer to trace your bike's history. The VIN will also be needed if any buyer is going to need to apply for a loan in order to purchase the bike.

Make sure your title is ready to transfer
In the event that a buyer shows up with cash, you want to be able to transfer the title instantly. If you have a lien holder holding your title, make preparations to pay off the loan and transfer the title to your name. The last thing any buyer wants to do is wait for a title to be transferred.

Test drives
It is very likely that a potential buyer will request to take the motorcycle for a test drive. It is crucial that you use your judgment carefully. Most dealerships will not allow you to test drive a motorcycle before purchasing. The risk is just too much. If dealers are not prepared to take that risk, why should you? If you do choose to let a buyer go for a test ride, make sure you select on open, public area. Choose an area that is high traffic with people. Make sure you get some sort of collateral from the buyer, like a driver's license.

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