Touring bikes are designed specially for long-distance traveling; offering extreme comfort and lots of convenience amenities. They provide a smooth ride and the most comfortable passenger accommodations; suitable for long days on the open road, even when riding double. Touring bikes are for drivers of all different degrees of riding experience including first-time riders and those with lots of mileage of under the wheels.

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Standard Tourers
Typically offer few amenities and are lighter in weight than full dress tourers. They are still designed with the main task of providing comfort during long journeys. Some of the more popular standards include the BMW R 1200 RT, Honda ST1300, the and the Yamaha FJR1300. They all offer electrically adjustable windshields, hard luggage, and anti-lock brakes.

Full Dress Tourers
These types of tourers have the largest fairings and bodywork in relation to the other types of tourers. In addition, they have hard luggage integrated into the design of the bike, torque-rich engines, huge displacement, and a very comfortable, upright riding position. Full-dress tourers are specifically designed for street riding and are not meant for off-road riding at all.  Examples of the most common examples of full-dress tourers include the BMW K 1200 LT, Honda Goldwing, and the Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. Victory Motorcycles also produces high-end full dress machines including the Vision Tour.

**Both standard and full dress tourers have equipmewnt that is not offered on motorcycles, i.e. radios, CD players, GPS navigation, heated seats and hand grips, power windshields, selective venting and even air conditioners on the newer models.

Global Off/On Road Tourers
These types of motorcycles are designed to be able to ride on any type of surface, getting you anywhere you want to go. Global off/on road tourers have large fuel reserves and large displacement, under stressed engines for high dependability and heavy torque output. They are also very large in size allowing for easy handling while driving at highway speeds. These traits and their weight is what make these bikes different from traditional off-road motorcycles and the other types of tourers.

There are a wide variety of purpose-driven options to be available for global tourers, including bigger fuel tanks, skid plates and metal hard luggage are a few.

Sport Tourers
These types are a hybrid form between tourers and sport bikes, enabling long-distance riding at high rates of speed with extended focus on sport-like performance in both speed and handling than standard tourers. These bikes offer a common ground among both segments. Some of the more popular sport tourers include Ducati Motor Holding ST series, Honda VFR (Interceptor) and ST series, Kawasaki Concours, Yamaha FJR1300, Moto Guzzi Norge and BMW GT, ST, and RT models.

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