The process for motorcycle refinancing is very simple and can result in you saving a great deal of money. How? Applying for refinancing with the Motorcycle Loan Center will result in a lower interest rate and APR. Therefore, your monthly motorcycle loan payment will be lower.

How do I refinance my motorcycle loan?
The first thing you will need to do is contact your existing financing provider and ask them what your current loan balance is. You will then need to get all of your personal information together, including your social security number, the VIN of your motorcycle, your insurance information and the make and model of your bike. This information will be necessary in order for us to properly price your motorcycle. Also, make sure that when you submit your motorcycle refinance request, that all of the application information is the same as the information you used for your first loan. Your application information is going to be used to identify you and your current loan.

Some refinancing tips...
It is suggested that you only refinance your motorcycle if you owe more than $7500 on your loan. Approval is unlikely for loan refinancing of amounts less than $7500 because it is difficult for us to make any money. It is also equally important that the value of your bike is equal to the amount that you owe. If you are confused by these requirements, please contact us.

How much does it cost to refinance my motorcycle loan?
Depending on what state you live in, you may be charged at least $5 to transfer the lien from the old lender to the Motorcycle Loan Center.

How long does the refinancing process take?
Typically time to complete the refinance process is two days.


**In the event that your refinancing does not satisfy your needs, and may want to explore selling your bike. You can get information on how ensure that you obtain the highest sale price possible.


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